News about Homeworldshots

I currently have no other means to write news and notifications so I hope you will see fit to direct some attention to this.

Back to the stuff that works.

September 12, 2019

Despite some troubleshooting I have not yet been successful in getting videos to work (as I want them to) in the new layout I was testing. I have thus reimplemented the old layout and hoping for a solution at a later date.

Snag. Youtube linked videos.

September 5, 2019

The previous configuration allowed for linking and playing with no issues. Seems the new does not, not without some transcoding and adding Ffmpg plus similar functions to server. There is always get the files from Youtube and upload them as mp4. I'll sort it, one way or the other.

Revamp in progress

September 4, 2019

I am experimenting with a Bootstrap layout for a more modern look and mobile device compatibility. For those interested it is the one here: called Bootstrap Darkroom. There are already coloured themes similar to my requirements, but tweaking must be done. Among other things the current Top Menu has to be revised and simplified.

Adding to that I will keep the blue tone that has come to represent Homeworld background colour for me since the launch of HW1 ( #003466, also affectionately called Moe), but add contrasting colours, like the yellow we also associate to Homeworld Interface.

Completing the assortment

September 3, 2019

The site grew most with the release of Homeworld 2, some efforts was made to bring Homeworld 1 and Cataclysm images "to bear" and the release of Homeworld Remestered trigged additional activity. Beyond that some Homeworld related games was lacking in effort, Deserts of Kharak and more remastered content.

With the news about Homeworld 3 I am making an effort to remediate the situation, add more content, and have reached out to DoK players on Facebook. If you read this, I am calling upon your images and videos as well.